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With the success of citizenship by investment programmes in recent years for a number of countries in the Caribbean we are now seeing more Pacific countries adopting these as a valuable income stream.


The South Pacific islands have already witnessed their first citizenship by investment programme with Vanuatu launching its scheme in 2017. Vanuatu requires an investment of $220,000 for a single applicant or $280,000 for a family. Being a commonwealth nation country its passport is valuable offering visa free access to over 125 countries including the UK and the 26 European countries of the EU Schengen zone.


Fiji: $125,000 (£94k) investment for residency
Living in sun-kissed Fiji year-round may seem like the preserve of the mega-rich but you only need to invest a minimum of $125,000 (£94k) in a property there to qualify for permanent residency, plus you get full citizenship if you live in the country for five years or more.

So who could benefit from the considerable investment brought in from such a programme? Such countries include Micronesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Pitcairn Islands, Nauru, Timor-Leste, Tuvalu, Cook Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Palau.

Many of these Pacific countries have the same advantage as Vanuatu and the Caribbean islands above, that is membership of the Commonwealth and resulting access to many countries visa free. But while we await any future developments investors have no shortage of choice from existing programmes.

At South Pacific Business Advisory www.spbadvisory.com our consultants work with duly authorised passport sales agents throughout the pacific. 

Please contact us at www.spbadvisory.com or book an online conference with one of our consultants through the website to discuss your options or email on info@spbadvisory.com

To set up a business in the Pacific apart from the business planning and pre-incorporation work, one must carefully consider the type of business structure that would be the most ideal to carry out its operation. The main types of business structures in the pacific do not vary a great deal but you need to consider various factors for incorporation being sole proprietorship, partnership, company, limited liability partnership and limited partnership.

For most entrepreneurs today, the incorporation of a local company limited by shares is the most popular type of business structure. Company incorporation services have seen demand growth over the last few years as many existing entrepreneurs see a need to formalize proper business structure with their members at the start so as to establish a common vision for the company’s eventual success.

Company incorporation services provider typically offer services on various levels depending on the needs of the customer. The basic company incorporation service should include company name application, endorsement of company incorporation and preparation of company constitution.

Our Incorporation Services

South Pacific Business Advisory is not just an incorporation services provider, we are a strong supporter of the local Pacific business community and often, we have provided free advice to entrepreneurs on business incorporation and structure. We strongly believe that businesses and entrepreneurs should not be saddled with the regulatory and administrative burden of running the company. We partner and support businesses from incorporation to operation so that owners can focus on the vision and development of their business.

Incorporation Advisory

For business owners setting up a company in the Pacific, we partner with many different organisations and agents throughout the Pacific , there are a variety of business structures ranging from sole proprietorship to company limited by shares, each with their own benefits. We take a real interest in our clients’ businesses and look into the nature and goals they have. This enable us to advise our clients on the most suitable business structure, providing them with the most benefits.

Company registration service

The process and administrative hassle of registering a business is not only complex, but also time-consuming. At South Pacific Business Advisory, we only engage and work with registered company services providers throughout the Pacific We take care of the difficult and thankless work of setting it all up for you, while you get a little bit more time to get your business ready for a rolling start.

When you incorporate your company through us, you will enjoy professional advice on the following:

  • Reserving company name to be incorporated
  • Drafting constitution of the company
  • Appointment of key officers, namely director(s) and corporate secretary
  • Endorsement of incorporation

Company conversion

Under certain circumstances, existing business owners may feel the need to convert their company type from one to another. Common circumstances include these such as when the time is ripe to scale up operations and take the business to the next level, or when conversion may reap higher tax benefits. Regardless of the requirement, our experts are here to advise and assist you with the conversion.

Bank account opening

Getting fully ready to deal with your customers from incorporation to transaction-ready has never been faster. Account opening for companies be a long and tedious process. We aid you in the process of account opening as well, tapping on our good relationship with the local banks, so you enjoy a truly hassle-free end-to-end service with us.

Please contact us at www.spbadvisory.com or book an online conference with one of our consultants through the website to discuss your options or email on info@spbadvisory.com


The requirement for foreign investment approval varies throughout the South Pacific.

Approval is required from most entities to establish or purchase an existing business – a foreign investor should not commence business without foreign investment approval.

Other Licences and Permits

Whilst   the various Foreign Investment Boards throughout the Pacific may entitle business to invest, the next step of obtaining licenses, the number of residency permits, work permits etc usually requires investors to make application to  each appropriate authority, for registration and / or issue of   applicable permits / licences and comply with the requirements of other   acts, as applicable, including renewal / filing of returns etc as required eg:

  • Business Licence(s)
  • Other specific licence(s) eg, doctors, lawyers, banks, trust companies, insurance companies, mining
  • VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • Superannuation or contribution fund if employing staff

Residency Permits

  (a)        Persons not engaging in business or employment – self funded

The requirements for Persons who wish to reside in the Paciifc without engaging in business or  employment eg, retirees vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  As a whole  you may qualify, if you have evidence of income to sustain living in the chosen Pacific Country.

   (b)        Business investors

Foreign Investors who have obtained foreign investment approval to conduct  business and if successful. 

   (c)        Employees

Non-citizen   employees may qualify for an interim residence permit. A work permit must also be obtained and usually depending on the jurisdiction are  only available for certain occupations where there are no /  insufficient qualified  Citizens available.

Documentation   required to apply for a Residence Permit include :  original   immigration application form with statutory declaration,  original   police clearance certificate, prescribed medical certificate,  two   passport photographs, certified copies of birth certificate, passport,   marriage/divorce certificate(s) and other documentation as applicable   eg, employment contract (if applicable), utility bills, rent receipts or   bank statements,

A   repatriation bond is usually also required to be held with a local bank, equivalent to a one way airfare to the country of the applicants’ citizenship or its nearest territory.


Work Permits

A one year work permit, temporary or an exemption from the need to hold a work permit is required by most jurisdiction relating to non-citizen employees.

Note:   Various occupations are reserved for citizens for which work permits   will not be approved.  These include: bricklayer, joiner, clerical   supervisor, nurse, painter, typist and waiter/waitress/bar tender,   unskilled labour.

Any   one year position is to be advertised locally for at least two weeks   and reasons given why any application by a citizen has been refused or   there are no available / qualified citizens. Generally a permit will   only be granted where it is necessary to hold qualifications and / or   have specific relevant experience, which is not readily available in the Pacific Country.

An   application for a work permit must state what type of counterpart   training that will be undertaken and in addition to the completion of a   work permit Application Form, the various Departments of Labour require the following: two passport sized photographs, copies of trade or professional qualifications, CV and reference(s, copy of the job advertisement, description and contract of service, copies of passport, police clearance and flight itinerary (plus copy of employer’s foreign investment certificate and  training plan).

Please contact us at www.spbadvisory.com or book an online conference with one of our consultants through the website to discuss your options or email on info@spbadvisory.com

Our business and commercial advisers and consultants can regularly advise on issues relating to a wide range of business and commercial dealings including advice on commercial contracts, compliance, Corporations Act requirements, business structuring, mergers, acquisitions and sale and purchase of businesses.

Advisers working in our business and commercial team  have in depth relevant commerce or economic experience to match their qualifications. Our adviser are also qualified in multiple jurisdictions.

Our key areas of expertise and experience:
∙    Commercial Contracts;
∙    Business structures;
∙    Corporate advisory;
∙    Corporate governance including directors’ duties, shareholders’ rights and legal       compliance;
∙    Mergers and acquisitions;
∙    Purchase and sale of businesses;
∙    International business and trade;
.    Due diligence

Our pro-active approach and genuine interest in our client’s business and affairs means we look beyond the immediate need our client brings to our attention.  Our solutions enable clients to achieve their overall commercial objectives whilst confidently exploring new opportunities and dealing with business issues.

South Pacific Business Advisory believe that business is increasingly more complicated, everything from constantly changing laws and compliance requirements to executing on a deal is a challenge.

Our Business & Commercial Practice Group offers clients:
∙    clear, easy to understand advice;
∙    practical, personalised commercial solutions;
∙    a commitment to long-term client relationships; and
∙    to grow with your business and a down to earth team with ideas.

Our firm has a broad client base, ranging from large institutions to small and medium sized businesses. Our breadth of experience and flexibility allows us to tailor our services to client’s needs, but throughout our philosophy remains constant and our services are personal, commercially focused and outcome driven. We strive to provide our clients with the level of service that we would expect ourselves.

South Pacifc Advisory does not offer or hold itself out to provide legal advice and is a commercial advisory firm with our consultants  touching the Pacific and Vanuatu for in excess of 25 years with Dane residing in Vanuatu from 2009 – 2019.

Vanuatu has various International Banks that are regulated via the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu. 

If you are you looking to establish or expand an International Bank, the Professional team at South Pacific Business Advisory are experienced in taking you through the process from inception to approval  and granting of a Bank License as well and assist in trading.

We are available to Professionally assist the preparation and lodgement of your International Bank License Application.

Most recently, our Managing Partner Dane W Thornburgh acted for Westminster Bank in successfully obtaining the International Bank License from the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu.

Mr Thornburgh was the lead consultant undertaking the application process from start to finish and this is the most recent license to be issued by the Vanuatu Reserve Bank in May 2019.

The process is a complicated one with intricate knowledge and expertise required to ensure the end result is approval of the Application and a smooth transition from approval until the commencement of trading.

Our team can advise on the requirements and legislation applicable and will happily guide you through the process.

South Pacifc Advisory does not offer or hold itself out to provide legal advice and is a commercial advisory firm with our consultants  touching the Pacific and Vanuatu for in excess of 25 years with Dane residing in Vanuatu from 2009 – 2019.

The Principal of South Pacific Business Advisory has a formidable reputation built up over a period of many years both in Vanuatu and in the State and Federal Courts and Tribunals throughout Australia where he formally practised as a Barrister and Solicitor

Our Corporate Recoveries & Insolvency team is able to advise you on various disputes and the mechanisms available for a successful resolution.

Our Managing partner was Counsel in many larges insolvency cases acting for different corporate entities and financial institutions.

We believe that disputes are often won or lost on the depth, accuracy and forensic skills of the advisers.

Our clients benefit from practical advice on commercial issues.  We take pride in our ability to make business judgments and recommendations on what should and shouldn’t be done based on an assessment of risk versus cost. Our approach is to provide clients with the advice that we would want to be given – pragmatic and objective.

With the strong legal background, South Pacific Business Advisory places a strong emphasis on assisting clients in resolving disputes at their early stages in order to avoid litigation if and when possible.

Our track record in achieving excellent outcomes in Vanuatu & previously Australia is without peer.

We also recognise what our clients want to achieve, and deliver outcomes quickly and effectively. Our success is evidenced by lasting client relationships and client recommendations.

South Pacifc Advisory does not offer or hold itself out to provide legal advice and is a commercial advisory firm with our consultants  touching the Pacific and Vanuatu for in excess of 25 years with Dane residing in Vanuatu from 2009 – 2019.

South Pacific Business Advisory, with a broad set of skills and network of Pacific and International relationships, delivers impressive asset management and performance on behalf of financial institutions, secured creditors and all corporate recovery entities

Our professionals have a wide experience that ranges from handling negotiation and large repositioning projects to the strategic oversight and advisory of large transactions involving both single asset as well as complex corporate disposals including by way of appointment of a receiver or mortgagee in possession etc.

South Pacific Business Advisory asset management team expertise includes:
·  Acting as receiver / manager of businesses & corporate entities on behalf of secured creditor
· Taking possession of property on behalf as secured creditor as mortgagee in possession
·  Direct Asset management;
· Indirect Management of real estate investments;
· Advisory and supervision of asset redevelopment;
· Strategic support to Real Estate Companies and Platforms;
· Management of distressed credits and repossessed assets.

South Pacifc Advisory does not offer or hold itself out to provide legal advice and is a commercial advisory firm with our consultants  touching the Pacific and Vanuatu for in excess of 25 years with Dane residing in Vanuatu from 2009 – 2019.

Our Business Acquisition & Sales consulting division can assist you in either looking for a property or business to acquire, or in preparing a property or business to sell.

South Pacific Business Advisory specializes in assisting investors/buyers /sellers in the purchase and or sale of businesses, commercial property, or investment property from the commencement of looking to buy or sell through until completion, including all commercial contracts required including;

– Sale & Purchase Contracts

– Confidentiality Agreements

– Memorandum of Understanding

– Business Analysis Plans

– Business Positioning Plans

– Foreign Investment Approvals

– Work Permits

– Residency Permits 

– License Agreements

– Employment contracts

We do an extensive valuation of each and every transaction we are instructed to act on, and we represent and work closely with the seller / buyer to develop a Business Positioning Plan to understand their goals and desires in such a transaction. We work equally as closely with potential buyers to understand their goals and desires, their financial position, and time frame for making a decision. The outcome of these efforts result in working documents and a smooth effortless transition for the investors / buyers / sellers.

South Pacifc Advisory does not offer or hold itself out to provide legal advice and is a commercial advisory firm with our consultants  touching the Pacific and Vanuatu for in excess of 25 years with Dane residing in Vanuatu from 2009 – 2019.

Are you planning an investment, an acquisition or disposal? Or perhaps current commitments or other major business transactions are under scrutiny?

We are there to support you in your decision-making process. With our due diligence service, we can provide you with sound foundations for your business decisions.

Some typical due diligence situations:
· (Partial) company acquisition/acquisition of a shareholding
· (Partial) company sale/sale of a shareholding
· Investment/disinvestment
· Financing/credit check
· Other major business processes, e.g. auditing of existing business relations, structures, activities
· Fairness opinion for purchases

We execute due diligence audits and business analyses in accordance with your needs, and in an independent, personal and comprehensive manner. To that effect, we can draw on the knowledge of qualified experts from our different business areas (Corporate Finance, Legal Advice, Tax Advice, Assurance and Portfolio Management), as well as tried and tested partnerships with external experts.

· Financial
· Legal
· Fiscal
· Strategic (industrial)

Within the transaction process in company acquisition/investment cases, this buy side due diligence is well-known as the acid test for company valuation/the basis for draft agreements and the negotiation strategy (potential deal breaker/discount in the form of a guarantee or price reduction).

Increasingly, however, initial analyses and investigations based on publicly available information are being carried out even earlier in the process (pre due diligence). The focus of these activities is primarily strategic (industrial), consisting of monitoring of the market environment and potential target companies. This basic information can then be used to derive further analytical objectives for the formal due diligence process.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, a little due diligence work on the part of the seller of a company (vendor due diligence) before initial contact is made with potential buyers can certainly generate added value: this kind of “check up” can influence pricing and is helpful in the development of the seller’s own negotiation strategy and line of argument.


The execution of a due diligence operation within the context of a transaction or a larger-scale special-purpose audit of another major business transaction can quickly become complex and time-consuming.

A substantive due diligence operation requires coordination between a number of experts whose specialisms will vary depending on the situation at hand. In the case of a company acquisition, this requires a formal project management setup.

In the case of a company disposal, management can become torn between conflicting priorities: day-to-day operations, which must not be allowed to suffer due to the planned transaction, and the time investment and discretion vital to the preparation of the buyer’s due diligence. Here, too, an external project management setup can make things easier.

At South Pacific Business Advisory, our expert Consultants will not leave any stone unturned on your behalf.

South Pacifc Advisory does not offer or hold itself out to provide legal advice and is a commercial advisory firm with our consultants  touching the Pacific and Vanuatu for in excess of 25 years with Dane residing in Vanuatu from 2009 – 2019.

Our Tourism and Hospitality department is assisted by Mr Mark Provost as our lead consultant.

Mark liases and assist our other consultants from inception to operation, purchase and or sale etc.

A description of the past projects mark has been involved from inception through to completion are as follows;




At South Pacific Business Advisory we prepare a clear description of the project with design and specifications. We discuss, debate, and decide the Target Client, Requirement Analysis, Investment Budget and Recovery Plan. We guide investors in identifying new projects through a market study. We know how to develop and execute strategies at every stage of the investment cycle. Our business development services are:

· Feasibility Study
· Establish Property Management System
· Restaurant planning and setting up
· Recruitment, Training and Human Resources Development
· Establish Policy and Procedure
· Marketing the Concept and Product
· Hotel and Restaurant Management under Management Contract

Develop your Business
We guide investors in identifying new projects through strategies for maximizing investment returns and optimally enhancing market share and value. Our business development services are;

Interface between Owners & Operators
We have dynamic professionals skilled at identifying profit potential and extracting it for the benefit of the owner. Our goal is to provide you with independent review as to proper and appropriate practices and conduct of the operator/management. negotiation/Contract related services are;
· Commercial interpretation of contractual obligations
· Due diligence to prospective investors
· Analysis of operational performance
· Reviewing governance and management systems
· Management selection and contract negotiation/renegotiation

Hotel and Guest House Management
We provide the owners with an analysis of operations to identify potential problem areas with recommendations to correct deficiencies and establish quality control according to international standard, monitoring and auditing the entire epartment with main focus on:
· Rooms Division
· Food & Beverage
· Sales & Marketing
· Financial Management
· Human Resources Management

South Pacifc Advisory does not offer or hold itself out to provide legal advice and is a commercial advisory firm with our consultants  touching the Pacific and Vanuatu for in excess of 25 years with Dane residing in Vanuatu from 2009 – 2019.

South Pacific Mortgage Brokers are advisors who will arrange your mortgage for you. They’ll assess your information – your employment status, annual income and any other relevant details – and advise you on the best mortgage for you in Vanuatu whether for commercial or residential purposes. If you’re happy with what we suggest, we will even manage the mortgage application on your behalf.

Advantages of using our mortgage broker services

Access to exclusive mortgages which aren’t otherwise available:
Given the principal long relationships with lenders in the Pacific, we arrange mortgages regularly.

It’s completely free – until your mortgage is agreed:
We won’t charge a fee until your mortgage agreement is all done and dusted. So, effectively, you won’t pay anything until your mortgage is approved. This is especially important if you’ve any doubts about whether you’ll be offered a mortgage in the first place – if you’ve recently moved jobs or have a poor credit rating. You won’t have to pay a thing unless we manage to successfully secure you a mortgage agreement. The fees will be determined and agreed upon at the commencement of the retainer between us and you so there is no nasty surprises.

It’ll save time:
Applying for a mortgage can take time. Even if you’ve done your homework – using mortgage calculators and mortgage comparison websites – and have found exactly the right right mortgage for you, you’ll still need to lock it down.

It’s no secret that applying for a mortgage requires a lot of documentation – current bank statements, pay slips, accounts or self-assessment…… the list goes on. And when it comes to buying property, time is of the essence, you’ll need to act fast. In almost all cases, a seller will want to see your mortgage agreement in principal before they formally accept your offer and take their home off the market. South Pacific Business Advisory Mortgage Brokers can help to speed things up. So, if you need a quick decision, go with a broker.

South Pacifc Advisory does not offer or hold itself out to provide legal advice and is a commercial advisory firm with our consultants  touching the Pacific and Vanuatu for in excess of 25 years with Dane residing in Vanuatu from 2009 – 2019.

South Pacific Business Advisory works closely wit the relevant stakeholders in the online gaming industry

The Vanuatu Government determined that internet gaming, if managed responsibly and appropriately, may be offered from within Vanuatu with significant advantage to operators, players and the people of Vanuatu represented by the Government.

The goal is to attract strong and well positioned internet gaming operators who can, together with the Government, be a driving force to the sensible legitimization of internet gaming worldwide.

Vanuatu has enacted a comprehensive legislative framework that provides for the following:
• Probity checking of license applicants, their close associates and significant suppliers – to ensure that the people conducting internet gaming from Vanuatu are fit to do so;

• Competency checking to assure that licensees have the necessary skills and experience to successfully operate an internet gaming business.

• Financial checking of operators to assure licensees have the financial resources necessary to be successful;

• Gaming system checking to assure that the gaming systems are secure, fair, robust and well managed;

License applicants are required to provide sufficient particulars about themselves, their close associates, including significant suppliers. Applicants for gambling licenses on Vanuatu working with their gaming application suppliers, will also be required to submit their chosen internet gaming system to an independent security, fairness and reliability audit. If a selected gaming system has already been approved by an independent auditor then a full gaming system audit may not be required, a smaller less intrusive audit may suffice.

Interactive Gaming Tax Rate is set at 2.5% of gross profit (or 0.1% of Turn-over for Fixed odds event wagering) and will be maintained at sensible and competitive levels that are aligned with the evolving nature of internet gaming.

South Pacific Business Advisory can assist you form inception and through the Application process and trading.

South Pacifc Advisory does not offer or hold itself out to provide legal advice and is a commercial advisory firm with our consultants  touching the Pacific and Vanuatu for in excess of 25 years with Dane residing in Vanuatu from 2009 – 2019.

South Pacific Business Advisory provide wholistic management of subdivision projects, from project viability to completion. Subdividing doesn’t have to be complicated.
• Initial site investigation/research/assessment as to the potential of the site for development
• Highlight potential issues
• Meeting owner/client to understand their requirements
• Initial survey of the site, provide development cost.
• Preparation of the subdivision plan
• Submission and lodgement of the Plan
• Follow up the application which may include meeting the officers from the planning department or Council.
• Provide Justification report as necessary.

On receipt of the approval, review approval conditions and informed client of any “unexpected” conditions.

We then project manage the subdivision to ensure all the planning conditions have been met which may include:
• Demolition of the building, providing car parking bays, site works, engaging contractors to provide for sewer and water and power etc…
• Provide surveying services for the site.
• Prepare Diagram of Survey for Landgate.
• Request the statutory bodies to endorse the completed works.
• Lodge the completed endorsed documents at the Department of Planning.

South Pacific Business Advisory also organise the application for new titles for the development.

Why South Pacific Business Advisory Project Management?
• We offer attractive package deals for total subdivision management.
• We place high importance on communication, keeping clients informed with prompt answers to questions.
• We utilise our in-house expertise, time management and teamwork skills to minimse critical paths.
• We utilise our extensive network of industry relationships.

South Pacifc Advisory does not offer or hold itself out to provide legal advice and is a commercial advisory firm with our consultants  touching the Pacific and Vanuatu for in excess of 25 years with Dane residing in Vanuatu from 2009 – 2019.

In recent years, real estate has enjoyed a sustained run of increasing prices driven by favourable investment climate and the flow of funds into the sector (domestically and internationally).

During this period, the investment landscape for property has dramatically transformed with the emergence of new market participants, macro-themes impacting real estate strategies and, at times, dislocation between markets and property fundamentals.

The need for organisations to manage their real estate interests has never been greater – whether as an owner, investor, occupier or manager.

Our team devise and execute strategies and transactions that support corporate, government and not-for-profit clients to deliver their financial, operational and strategic objectives. We deliver a range of due diligence (technical and commercial), building compliance, asset management and environmental solutions to support investors successfully execute transactions and manage their assets.

How we can help

South Pacific Advisory Real Estate Advisory team of professionals provide objective, practical and commercial advice on property related matters to help clients make effective decisions in often commercially competitive situations, with tight timeframes and extensive geographical coverage. We have the necessary specialist skills, industry-focused experts, and global resources to provide the in-depth advice and follow-through that today’s environment requires.

• Portfolio and single asset strategies
• Business and investment cases
• Financial structuring and arranging
• Tax structuring

• Agency and transaction management
• Acquisitions and divestments
• Corporate occupancy solutions
• Corporate insolvency solutions
• Due diligence
• Transaction management
• Optimisation strategies – strategic, financial & operational

• Feasibility analysis
• Highest and best use studies
• Financial reporting and tax valuations
• Market assessment and demand studies
• Tax depreciation
• Insurance reinstatement cost assessment

Property and Facilities Management
• Project and contract administration
• Make good reporting and negotiation
• Technical due diligence – acquisition/disposal
• Environmental services
• Environmental sustainability services

South Pacifc Advisory does not offer or hold itself out to provide legal advice and is a commercial advisory firm with our consultants  touching the Pacific and Vanuatu for in excess of 25 years with Dane residing in Vanuatu from 2009 – 2019.