Mortgage Broker

South Pacific Mortgage Brokers are advisors who will arrange your mortgage for you. They’ll assess your information – your employment status, annual income and any other relevant details – and advise you on the best mortgage for you in Vanuatu whether for commercial or residential purposes. If you’re happy with what we suggest, we will even manage the mortgage application on your behalf.

Advantages of using our mortgage broker services

Access to exclusive mortgages which aren’t otherwise available:
Given the principal long relationships with lenders in the Pacific, we arrange mortgages regularly.

It’s completely free – until your mortgage is agreed:
We won’t charge a fee until your mortgage agreement is all done and dusted. So, effectively, you won’t pay anything until your mortgage is approved. This is especially important if you’ve any doubts about whether you’ll be offered a mortgage in the first place – if you’ve recently moved jobs or have a poor credit rating. You won’t have to pay a thing unless we manage to successfully secure you a mortgage agreement. The fees will be determined and agreed upon at the commencement of the retainer between us and you so there is no nasty surprises.

It’ll save time:
Applying for a mortgage can take time. Even if you’ve done your homework – using mortgage calculators and mortgage comparison websites – and have found exactly the right right mortgage for you, you’ll still need to lock it down.

It’s no secret that applying for a mortgage requires a lot of documentation – current bank statements, pay slips, accounts or self-assessment…… the list goes on. And when it comes to buying property, time is of the essence, you’ll need to act fast. In almost all cases, a seller will want to see your mortgage agreement in principal before they formally accept your offer and take their home off the market. South Pacific Business Advisory Mortgage Brokers can help to speed things up. So, if you need a quick decision, go with a broker.